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vade mecum: A handbook or guide that is kept constantly at hand for consultation
- Oxford Dictionary

About Us

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Our Mission:

To bring you expert knowledge
 - From Your market
 - When You need it

We know that accessing experienced talent can be challenging for a new startup or fintech. Experience is expensive and market forces make it difficult to recruit experienced staff from large corporations and banks that are your target market. Your precious seed capital needs to be used efficiently. Making expensive hires is just not an option.

We offer you an alternative approach to fill this gap by giving you access to senior talent that has decades of experience in your industry. Recognizing that you may not need these skills every day, we offer the flexibility to make ourselves available when you need us. We can be the crucial difference, ready at critical junctures to help ensure your product is a success.

Our Services

Client Insights

We can help you gain deep insights into your clients and how they operate. We can help improve your pitch, design, and road-map to ensure your product is a must-have.

Integration Previews

Integration of even a simple system into a large organization is often complicated . From reference data to feeds, we can help you determine how your product fits into the wider enterprise and identify the likely challenges you will face at integration time.

Proposal Help

Whether it is writing a proposal or helping understand and address your client's unspoken requirements, we can help. This can be the difference between a hero proposal and one that fails.

Technical Diligence

Are you an investor? We can help you understand the technical state of your potential investment and we will work with your potential investment's team to ensure the best technical outcomes.

Board Expertise

Is your board calling for you to get a non-executive director? Are there questions about your road-map? Your board needs to fully understand where your product is headed. Having someone with knowledge and experience from your clients' perspective in the room can help your board see how your road-map and product direction are the right fit for your target market.

What Else?

How else might you use an expert? Try reaching into our network and see what you find.

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